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Published on April 26, 2009 By TeamRoa In Personal Computing

This is for anyone that wants to learn a program that they don't know yet or wanting to get better at a program they already use for graphic design. I used this site just for Adobe Photoshop in past when I was starting out way back in 2004 and I found that doing the tutorials really helped over time even the ones that sucked or looked like it was points less. I am telling you guys to check this place out and have fun learning.

on Apr 26, 2009

Wow! Now I ncan learn in a more orderly many times have I said thank you today?

to you, TeamRoa.

Are you a skinner, graphic artist? C'mon....spill the beans!

on Apr 26, 2009

I am a graphic artist that wants to learn everything I can to get better and better at what I do. I also love to help people out when they have a problem that I know I can fix. I don't like when people say "Well, I had a hard time learning this so you should learn it on your own too." I think that is BS and I like to give people a hand whenever I can. I am also a mediocre programmer I know C++, C#, and a little Lua.

I am going to school for Game and Simulation Programming but I am changing my career when I finish to FX artist in the future. That school I go to now is DeVry University but the school I am going to next is going to be Fullsail University. 


I desgined this theme for a friend:


on Apr 26, 2009

tutorials., for almost all graphic and non-graphic programs:

Here is a list of almost all the programs:

2D Graphics:





>Paint Shop Pro


3D Graphics:

>3D Studio Max


>Blender 3d

>Bryce 3D

>Cinema 4D

>Lightwave 3D




on Apr 26, 2009

Tycus...didn't know about that site....thanks.