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Published on June 20, 2009 By TeamRoa In Software Development

Well, I have been around here and there for a while working on different projects but the main project I was working on was a small game called Project X. If you guys have read what I wrote before about Little TImmy's Bedtime Adventures then you would know that I was working on a Mid-Term project. I thought that my group was going to create LTBA but as things turned out we created something different. The project was called Project X as you read just before and at the end of the development we kept the name. The game was a platformer like Castlevania but different with it's own story that I think could take off and go somewhere (in the future).

So when the end came to finish the project do to time we showed what we had been working on for the past seven weeks and the teacher really liked it. Sushil, the teacher, said that if we just added a few things to it and fix a few others the game would be better then most of all the Xbox live Community Games. So with what our teacher told us we decided to revamp the game and make it better then before (or what we showed). Oh and did I say that we got it working on the Xbox 360.

Now I have a long way ahead of me because we are starting from the beginning with a big list of shit to complete. But when I realy think of it I can't wait for this game to be completed. I say on to you guys reading, get ready for Project X and Whack Wild Media bitches!!! (That's the company it will be released from in the near future)

P.S. I am also working on another game but I can't say what it is. 

on Jun 20, 2009

best of luck

on Jun 23, 2009

Thank You.