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a.k.a TAT
Published on June 23, 2009 By TeamRoa In Internet

I love design, I love graphics, and I love the digital world. So what does TAT stand for? Well if you read the title you would know already but if you didn't it stands for The Astonishing Tribe. You maybe asking your self why I am talking about them or what does this have to do with design. I guess I will have to tell you then right, unlike most people I know I love UI design and how UI's function and so does TAT. 

I don't know if you guys remember when the T-mobile G1 came out or at least the Google Android but the UI you see on that phone was designed and created by TAT. If any of you are like me and like this type of stuff check out their website (I have put a link to there showcase section so all of you can see the videos). I thought it would be a great treat for anyone or designers like myself to visit their website so check it out. 


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