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Published on April 26, 2009 By TeamRoa In Books

I know that my blog is about graphic design but that better type of design medium like a comic book. I try to only read comic books that are Indy because they don't hold back and you don't come in on issue #689. Comic books always have had a cool graphic style that nothing else really has had. Now even the new movies coming out now are starting using styles that comic books have. That’s beside the point because what I wanted to really talk about is the comic book called Sky Doll. Sky Doll is an amazing comic and I am not joking. Now before I go on I will say that this comic is for the mature people due to mature content.

This book was created by Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa and was first released in French then was later translated to English. Marvel comics handled the import to America. What made me look at the comic was the front cover and how nicely done it was, just the way the colors popped out at me made me want to look at it and pick it up [Front Cover]. The book has a very clean look and style to it while being modern and futuristic at the same time. I think that the colorist really used color theory to his advantage because everything is so in sync that it’s amazing  [Picture].  “The look of the comic is influenced by various art and architectural styles. For example, the buildings and clothing on the Lodovica's world resemble the Baroque period, while the ornamentation on planet Aqua is reminiscent of 60's and 70's psychedelia.”

Here is what the story is about as show on the Wikipedia page:

The action is set in a fictitious parallel universe, in which the papacies of Agape (representing spiritual love) and Lodovica (Ludovica, or Ludowika, depending on the language, and representing sexual love) fall into a conflict, resulting in the banishment of Agape and the creation of a dystopia in which both spiritual and sexual freedoms have been perverted. With Agape's followers labeled as heretics, Lodovica rules the galaxy through extensive control of the mass media, using "miracles" to impress the fanatical populace. The main character is Noa, a so-called Sky Doll: A life-like android without rights, resembling a young female, who exists only to serve the state's desires. Noa meets two "missionaries", and with their help escapes from its tyrannical master. Unknown to Lodovica, it accompanies the thoughtful, naive Roy and distrustful Jahu on their interstellar mission to uproot the growing "heretic" religion on the planet Aqua, which soon develops into something much more. Eventually, mysterious powers seem to suggest Noa is more than just an ordinary robot.

I really do think that everyone that likes / loves art in any form then you should pick this book up. I got the hard cover version of the book and it was $24.99. The book collects Issues #1-3, Issue 1 = 44 pages, Issue 2 = 44 pages , Issue 3 = 46 pages. This book does not have Issue #0 Doll's Factory which is still in French. There is also talk of a 4th Issue to come out in the near future. Well, I hope you readers enjoy this little piece and check out the book.   

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